Tips for traveling by train to Morocco


When traveling by train, first know some recommendations for booking tickets, class travel, travel time, ticket price and train station travel.

During your visit to Morocco, boarding the train is one of the most convenient ways to travel around the country. It is affordable and you will be able to get to key cities quickly. If you want to travel by train, be sure to read some important tips.

Ticket booking

Upon arrival in Morocco you can book tickets at any time or buy tickets anywhere in the country. The train system in Morocco is extensive, so usually driving a dilemma is not a dilemma. However, the trip to Marrakech from Tangier is different. If the couches are fully occupied, you can take advantage of the second class, although some hotel owners may be imprisoned and book you a trip in advance.

Travel class

In Morocco, there are two ways to travel by train: first class and second class. Six people are accommodated in a first-class compartment, and eight people can be accommodated in a second-class car. Booking first class allows you to actually book, which is very cool if you want to sit by the window to enjoy the view. If not, this is the first to come. Usually there are food carts that offer passengers drinks and snacks at different prices.

Time on the go

The train schedule can be checked on the official ONCF website in French. From Marrakech you can get to Casablanca in 3 hours, Rabat in 4 hours and Fes in 7 hours. From Tangier you can reach Marrakech in 11 hours by direct night travel, and Fes – in 5 hours and vice versa.

Ticket price

Train tickets to Morocco are available. You will pay for the train ticket in cash. Children under 4 travel for free, and children aged 4-12 enjoy lower rates. Fees vary depending on the class of travel, with the first class being more expensive than the second class.

We get to the station

Upon arrival at Casablanca International Airport you can take the train to the city’s central station. From there you can go to the right place like Fes, Marrakech, Tangier and other cities in Morocco. In cities other than Casablanca, you can call a taxi to take you to the nearest train station. Always try to prepare the hotel address before departure. Other cities also offer a bus route.

While at the train station, always check the schedule so as not to miss the trip. Also, keep an eye on your belongings. If you bring your own food to the train, be kind enough to offer them to one of the passengers if it is not Ramadan.