Where are the best hospitals in Sao Paulo, Brazil?


Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil and the world’s 7th largest metropolis. This alpha world city with many hotspots for tourism is the second most populous metropolis in America. This famous commercial and entertainment center has the famous nickname “Sampa”.

São Paulo has a large number of well-equipped hospitals offering international health services. Its private health sector is very large, it has many world-class hospitals, and most of the country’s major hospitals are located in Sao Paulo. All of these leading hospitals in Sao Paulo offer the services of English-speaking staff.

Here is a brief description of some of Sao Paulo’s leading hospitals.

Alemao Hospital Oswald Cruz (German Hospital Aswald Cruz) located at RuaJoaoJuliao, 331-Paraiso CEP 01323-903- São Paulo is an excellent hospital in Brazil with an international reputation. This 239-bed hospital was founded in 1897 by a group of German immigrants. This accredited International Commission (JCI) hospital has also received TEMOS certification, a telemedicine for the mobile society. This well-known German agency praised Alemaa Oswald Cruz Hospital for providing the best medical care to Europeans visiting Brazil. Conducting many very complex operations, the hospital has also received the highest level certificate from the Brazilian Accreditation Organization (ONA). The hospital has 239 beds, 13 intensive care beds, 13 operating theaters with 4 laminate systems, a sterilized materials store, equipment, a best-equipped ambulance and 15 PRA (Post Anesthesia Recovery) beds. The hospital offers excellent clinical, diagnostic and surgical services in a variety of departments, including cardiology, imaging, endoscopy, memory stimulation, metabolic surgery, nephrology and dialysis, orthopedics, diabetes treatment, physiotherapy, hematology, human oncology and transplantation. The center offers warm accommodation in friendly and caring conditions. Phone: 55 11 3549-0093

Syrio Libanes Hospital located at Rua Dona Adma Jafet, 91Bela Vista – Sao Paulo – SPCEP: 01308-060 – one of the most popular, modern hospitals in Brazil and Latin America. Established in 1965, the 300-seat premier health center employs 4,500 people, performs 50 surgical procedures daily, and conducts 2,000 different types of diagnostic tests. The hospital has achieved an international reputation by offering high quality healthcare services in more than 40 medical specialties and possessing all the advances in medical technology. They offer world-class medical services in various centers of excellence, which include an oncology center, cardiology center, diagnostic center, renal replacement therapy, rehabilitation center, urology, gynecology, orthopedics, gastroenterology, magnetic resonance imaging center and special diagnostic center known. The hospital provides excellent accommodation in comfortable apartments / suites with hallway, cable TV, internet connection, minibar, telephone and background music. The hospital started a well-equipped and round-the-clock ambulance service with a special area for children in 1992 and has a modern IRU with 22 beds for adult patients. This service-oriented hospital, well known for its approach to patients, is also the most famous medical educational and research institution in the country and has created the famous IEP – Instituto de Ensino e Pesquisa (Educational Research Institute). This hospital, a member of Brazilian Health Products and Services, attracts a large number of patients from abroad, especially from Europe and the US, adopts many international health plans and has an excellent field of international relations with English-speaking staff. Phone .: 55 11 3155-0900

Samaritan Hospital in Sao Paulo another major hospital in Brazil with a broad reputation. It is one of the city’s oldest hospitals, appearing in 1890. The hospital, founded by a group of American, British and German immigrants, began modestly and then grew significantly and became a modern health center accredited by the JCI. international standard. This 200-bed hospital offers complete and effective medical and surgical care in a variety of departments such as cardiology, neurology, pediatrics, orthopedics, gynecology, neonatology, oncology, urology and emergency procedures. More than 1,100 doctors and surgeons practice here, and the hospital’s surgical department has gained widespread recognition for performing highly sophisticated and video-assisted surgeries. Samaritano Hospital is a popular center for epileptic surgery, plastic surgery and cochlear implants. This hospital, well known for its advanced technology and best personal care products, has special facilities for international patients. The hospital offers excellent accommodation in large private rooms with comfortable bathrooms, telephone, internet, automatic safe and cable TV. The customer service section provides the best service when booking hotels, purchasing bus and airline tickets, translation, foreign exchange, laundry, car parking, etc. Phone: (+55) 11-3821-5300