How to get the best hotel prices


As a travel agent, many people ask me how to get the best hotel prices, and the answer is in response to the traditional way of dealing with the travel industry. The purpose of this article is to educate the general public so that they can get the best hotel prices, and to teach those reading this article about the different types of room rates that exist in the area. The dissertation tips I present can now save you a few hundred dollars on you or your friends, as well as in family hotel rooms.

To get the best rate for a hotel, tip number one should be ignoring and blacklisting, using all the advertised sites, such as Orbitz, Expedia and Travelocity, from receiving your services. Once you do that, you discover more opportunities and a better deal that can be obtained elsewhere. These online agencies spend millions of dollars annually on advertising, so you’ll hear about them, and when you show up, they’ll introduce themselves in a magazine, commercial, or paid advertisement at the top of search engines with their written or conversational brainwashing lines. they choose advertising and target the general public.

These online travel agencies offer a tough and operational situation that they control by brainwashing the uninitiated who read, listen and pay attention to their commercials. Online agencies are not even considered real wholesalers for travelers, according to some industry experts who have been doing this game for 20 years or more. Hotels are approached by Internet agencies that do not even buy hotel rooms. Instead, they offer to sell a certain number of hotel rooms without time constraints, and the hotel must provide them with rooms at a net price, which is the bulk of travel in the area. Wholesalers and travel consolidators have to pay for the large number of hotel rooms they buy so they can resell them, so why don’t these websites need it?

This is where the operational situation in the general public begins, and no one seems to be able to do anything. Once Internet sites receive their own inventory with numbers that can be marked under their control, they become ballistic. They mark their prices from 60% to 80% of the net rate, and in some cases over 100% if you link all useless fees for services, fees and taxes. One would think that Internet agencies and the prices they sell will remain comparable, competitive, and will be able to back up their expanded keywords that you read and listen to repeatedly in their promotions if they feed them to the general public through millions of dollars re but they don’t.

All that the hotel requires in return is a net amount. Hotels are well aware of this operational situation, which most of the public is unaware of. Hotels do not support this, but they are simply forced to do so because they cannot keep up with the advertising dollars spent on Internet sites; otherwise they would sell each room every day of the year themselves. The only time you use one of the internet sites, you can get the best hotel price if the discount is 30% to 50% and then the price starts to be comparable to the one sold on the suppliers website. Other than that you are selling a bunch of keywords that are inflated.

The second tip is that the secret to finding the best hotels and maximizing savings on vacation goes back to the traditional way of using a travel agent, and most importantly – to find someone who does not charge for booking, services and transactions of any kind. You may be wondering where all the travel agents are these days. The reason you no longer see revolving doors for agencies is because airlines cut commissions many years ago, and more than 200,000 agencies that occupied business space were forced to either close their doors and go online, where they could work from home. . This is a big reason why travel agents make up the largest home business sector.

Using an industry professional is and always will be the best way to save money on hotel rates and on just about everything you buy in life. As an industry professional, we work semi-automatically, as logins and passwords are usually required to log in, as well as proper credentials to access certain databases that are filled with major discounts. Home travel agents have the opportunity to receive many different types of rates and special offers that they can offer to the general public or to their clients at such incredibly low deals on such a consistent basis. Premium deals cannot be placed in any of the public engines. They need to be sold privately.

The third piece of advice that shows you how to get the best hotel rates is to understand the different types of rates that exist. GDS is a global distribution system – it is the standard price of rooms and traditional hotel equipment. They can be found on the hotel’s website, as well as sold over the phone at the hotel or at the call center. Sometimes a reservation center will sell fares cheaper than a call center, but compared to them they are still GDS rates. Agents use GDS to determine how special the remaining rates are in the general inventory of the several types of rates they can access.

There are different segments of GDS that include traditional standards, racks, promotions, government, military, corporate, senior citizens and my favorite premium rates. Premium rates are the agreed rates that the hotel provides to travel agencies that reward them for their excellent booking history. Usually the premium type saves customers from 25% to 30% of the standard GDS rate. Promotion rates are similar to having a promo code to get a discount if the hotel offers such a discount option. The rest of the GDS itself is explained if you have the appropriate authority to purchase them.

The following type of bet is most beneficial to customers. As I mentioned earlier in the first hint on how to get the best hotel prices, I defined the meaning of a net rate as a wholesale rate. Wholesalers and consolidators buy a large number of rooms, usually in large quantities from hotel sellers and receive a low wholesale price for it. The same concept applies to a company that sells its products to wholesale suppliers in bulk. The more purchased at the hotel, the more likely the consolidators are to get a lower net rate from the hotel.

Wholesalers then throw a small markup on the net rate so they can earn a little, and then we resell the net rate and redistribute them to different hotel provider databases so that travel agents can sell them to their customers and the general public. Net rates are special rates for travel agents that are usually paid and non-refundable. They must be booked at least 3 days before the customers ’arrival date. Booking a hotel room using the Prime Minister and a net rate through a home travel agent who does not charge for their services is a way to get the best prices in the world.

The fourth tip explains how to make it easier for travel agents to work so they can find the best hotel rates. Spend some time preparing the route for your agent. They need to know the right check-in and check-out dates as well as the city where you want to stay. Submit the zip code you want to stay in, even better so they can focus on a specific area so you can be as close as you want to be. Include the number of rooms and the number of beds you need and the number of people you are traveling with.

Be sure to include a small list of options that interest you. If they don’t charge for their services, try to be prepared to make them work more efficiently for you by giving them all the right information the first time. If you are traveling with children, you will need to say how many of them and their age. As stated at the beginning of this article, my goal is to teach the reader how to get the best hotel prices that exist, and if you let an industry professional do the work for you, your results will increase tenfold with the success you get on saving money. whenever you, your family and friends want to go somewhere.