The value of the cash register is still in the hotel industry


Finding the right cash register is very important when it comes to the hotel industry because the volume of transactions is exceptionally high and good customer service is essential. Electronic outlets (EPOS) are by far not the most popular type of cash register until it is used in high-end hotels – and it is extremely easy to see why this is so when you look at the many benefits associated with this type of EPOS unit.

Until now, the cash register – a find for hotels

To anyone who has been to the lobby of a busy hotel, it is clear that there is a lot of work on the receptions, but the effectiveness of customer booking and inquiries can be greatly streamlined if the right cash register is selected. EPOS systems today are exclusively advanced technologies, and hotels are one of the main industries that use this form of equipment. Including touch screen technology and a host of features that make hotel management much easier, some may wonder how hotels managed to get to the invention of EPOS retail systems.

Optimized experience

It goes without saying that customer service is the source of life for the hospitality industry, and the first point of contact for travelers is invariably the reception – and therefore it is very important that everything starts well. Often it can be as simple as ensuring that their bookings and payments are processed promptly and using the right type of cash register until this can be achieved each time.

EPOS systems are extremely useful in a hotel setting as they very effectively track transactions and transaction details – for example, the proportion of customers who pay in cash and those who use credit cards.

Stay in memory

Troubled accommodation for travelers is the main goal of all hotels and it can definitely be alleviated with the help of EPOS systems. A proper cash register can perform many vital functions that can help in the day-to-day operation of a hotel – from checking inventory levels to drastically reducing customer waiting times.

More and more hotels across the UK and around the world will be looking to upgrade their cash register by the end of 2010, and in the vast majority of cases, most likely they will choose to install EPOS systems because of the very cost-effective features they can boast of in compared to old cash registers.