Using channel management software will improve OTA rankings without commission costs


Most people use large channels of online travel agencies (OTA) to book hotel accommodation. This makes hotels slaves to their systems, especially when it comes to the commission they have to pay OTA. Investing in channel management software will help hotels continue to improve rankings, saving significant amounts of money without paying OTA commissions.

The market share of bookings created by global distribution systems (GDS) is falling. Major premium channels require direct trade-level agreements with hotel owners. Estimates in the US premium OTA market, including Expedia,,, Priceline, Orbitz, Travelocity and Hotwire, account for more than eighty percent of all online hotel reservations.

This means that in order to get the best rating and a higher level, hotel owners must establish direct contact with these channels. These channels need direct trading agreements to get the best rating. A regular GDS contract is not enough to get a proper position as it does not provide listings on premium channels.

What is the point of all this? The Central Booking System (CRS) software will overcome this hurdle by offering hotel owners a direct interface to all major OTA networks. With CRS software, owners do not need a channel management interface or a GDS interface. Direct contact will be made through CRS.

The best thing about this method of communication is the lack of commissions when booking guests through OTA. There is also no pass through the fee, just a direct fee exclusively for the hotel. This can provide huge savings for hotel owners. All OTA connections and promotions on these sites can be managed using the property management system (PMS).

Properties that are heavily dependent on travel agency business, or properties that want to get more exposure that cannot be achieved with OTA, are well suited for CRS. CRS has direct links to all major GDSs that exist in the world. These include Saber, Galileo, Amadeus, Pegasus, Travelport and TravelWeb.

With CRS there are no middle-level outsiders, and the GDS PMS interface fee is completely free. The regular fee paid to PMS is also free. This is a unique advantage that hotels with GDS registration will receive. On average, that could mean nearly $ 2,000 in savings per year.

The excellent CRS software offers the lowest commission fee structure in the GDS interface. The interface will connect hotels to thousands of travel agencies around the world. The GDS interface is directly connected to the PMS registration desk.

Some CRS programs offer opaque sales, which is beneficial for core OTA and GDS. CRS is an amazing interface that is designed to sell last minute stocks. The interface is tightly integrated into productivity management and can call logic at certain intervals. Opaque sales are highly integrated into PMS registration.

CRS may also offer package sales. Hotels can combine their stocks into packages that can be linked to booking flights and booking cars. Package discount and booking control restrictions can be adjusted via CRS. Package sales are also very integrated into PMS registration.

The CRS engine should provide a two-way interface that allows you to make reservations both on your desktop and on your mobile phone. Room booking methods should be closely integrated with the registration system software to reduce the number of booking errors due to technology failure. This type of software is ideal for selling real estate from multiple sources.