All about Digital Signage solutions


You may have seen several displays with digital signs on different platforms. You may have found them attractive without knowing too much of the technology and thoughts behind the display. Well, in this guide you will tell a lot about digital signage without complicating them. So here …

So what are digital signage? This is a subsegment of signage. It uses technologies such as LCD, LED and projection to display content that includes digital images, videos, streaming media and information.

Such displays can be found in public places, transportation systems, museums, stadiums, retail stores, hotels, restaurants and corporate buildings. These displays are a major element of road search, trade shows, marketing and outdoor advertising. The market is expected to grow from $ 15 billion to $ 24 billion by 2020.

Digital signs are used for information and persuasion and they are installed in public places around the world. While traditionally retail and transit systems are increasingly using this, campuses, government agencies and corporations are finding their own ways to benefit from this increasingly affordable technology.

Companies use digital signage to greet visitors, show meeting schedules or inform employees that they are having lunch. It also has a creative application. For example, universities can remind students that registration for classes ends tomorrow, and then they can be directed to an interactive touch screen to find their way around campus.

As the day draws to a close, your facility’s screens can show local weather and traffic so people can plan their journey effectively. What you show using such systems is limited only by what you can imagine and create.

Digital signage has several advantages. Some of them are:

  • The screens are bright and show movement

  • You can report the latest news in real time

  • You can display multiple messages and images on the screen at once

  • You can change the content on the screen during the day

  • It’s cheaper than printing for a large audience

  • Digital signage is better than printing because they are more environmentally friendly

All of this may sound great, but you can know exactly why you need digital signage. You need it because it not only informs and attracts more people through a creative presentation, but also instantly and reliably reaches them. Messages can also be updated or removed in real time. It is a modern approach to communication that attracts viewers with vivid animated graphics and interactivity.

Messages can spread in seconds, no matter how detailed and from what source. In addition, it is a powerful and flexible tool for fast delivery of safety, weather and emergency notifications.

Digital signage meets a variety of communication needs. Some of them are:

1) To force: student organizations and events, registration benefits, charity projects

2) Report: new work rules, classes and study dates, search paths and catalogs, weather and news

3) To motivate: recognition and reward programs, stock prices and profit distribution schemes, internal competitions

4) Include: welcome messages, announcements of new rentals and birthdays, community and community events

5) To recognize: organization and individual achievements, safety benchmarks, sports team statistics

6) Warn: severe weather, fire and other emergencies, security threats

Several such options are available, so you need to analyze your unique requirements before choosing a suitable solution for digital signage. Here are attractive digital displays every day, all year round …


Holiday homes for beginners


For a more cozy and warm atmosphere during your vacation try to rent holiday homes instead of staying in hotels. Whether you are traveling with the whole family or traveling alone, traveling for fun or business, holiday homes can make you more comfortable at home. If you are new to renting vacation homes, here are some tips you may want to follow.

Plan as early as possible.

Once you’ve decided where to go and what to do, start looking for homes to rent. Avoid last minute bookings as they will cost you more and can ruin your budget. If possible, plan and place an order in six months from the date of vacation.

Look around and ask for referrals.

Nowadays you can count on the internet to search for homes for rent. There will be many posts on the Internet about houses that you can rent in different places. In addition, you will also be able to read reviews from previous customers. This will give you an idea of ​​how good (or bad) housing is.

If possible, try to find a house for rent with good location. While it can cost a lot, at least you get the best out of what you paid for. You can also try asking your friends or neighbors if they can rent a good holiday home.

Read and understand the contract before signing.

A contract is an agreement between the homeowner and you that will include information such as who pays the utility bills, phone and cable. In addition, this includes those who will be responsible for farming. There are those homeowners who clean up regularly to take care of the house, and some leave that responsibility to the tenants.

Pay attention to important details such as furniture and the main rooms in the house, such as the heating system or the air conditioning system. Get the owner’s contact number so you can contact him immediately for urgent issues.

Document the area upon arrival.

This may require some effort from you, but may save you from problems in the future. On arrival, take a photo or photograph the area, especially in places where there is damage, to avoid disputes when leaving. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Check and check before checking.

Before you give a place to the owner of the house, walk with him around the place to make sure everything is where it should be. Run through the bills you paid to avoid confusion or pay for them twice. Thanks to this you can assure the owner of the house that well taken care of his property.

Renting a vacation home for beginners can be a few, but by careful planning and early booking problems can be avoided. No one wants to feel stressed while on vacation.


The growth of e-commerce in India


Global e-commerce is projected to double to 4.1 trillion by 2020. Dollars from 1.9 trillion. Dollars in 2016, as consumers in densely populated countries such as India and China prefer to shop online to avoid crowded shopping malls. Online shopping has led to significant developments in the Indian retail division, outlining shifts in buying deals.

Over the past few years, the online shopping industry has advanced dramatically and has become a notable mainstream. E-mail purchases are supported by the accelerated development of affordable network costs and the penetration of broadband combined with the confirmation by the e-business buyer as a suitable and safe alternative to retail brick and mortar.

In recent years, India has developed as the fastest growing economy on the planet. According to monetary analysts, India is the only country that can take on the growth of economic expansion of the mighty dragon of China.

According to the CSO (Central Statistical Organization) and the IMF (International Oversight Fund) in the coming years every possible business will gain significant growth, including the e-commerce sector in India. Because the rapid growth of smartphones and internet connections across the country is forcing users to buy and sell goods for comfort and mobility.

Many countries are working to improve and develop their e-commerce market like India. In fact, the current value of e-commerce in India is projected to be $ 16 billion to exceed $ 100 billion by 2020. The researcher estimated that the e-commerce market in India should grow the fastest in the Asia-Pacific region, taking over China in the coming years.

What sells the most?

Internet retail growth has increased by 57 percent since December 2014, and 60-70 percent of total e-commerce sales are coming to the fore on portable devices such as mobile phone, tablet, phablet, etc. Before spending on e-commerce, an investor needs to know what people are looking for and buying in the market.

The report describes that 48 percent of shoppers searched for information online in the categories of appeals, shoes and mobile devices. However, eighteen percent of them were purchased offline. In addition, 76 percent of buyers still prefer to pay in cash. The online retailer is looking forward to fighting COD by introducing a simple EMI and an additional discount on online payments.

Electronic goods and fashion products provide almost 49 percent of the total cost of e-tail. This separate section is expected to reach 110,620 crores by the end of 2017. If we take a look at the past, we seem to see that offline sellers, such as shoppers, have actually launched their personal online platforms to support this massive expansion of online e-commerce giants like Flipkart, Amazon, etc.

E-commerce opens up new business opportunities for the global travel business. Travel organizations and online companies seek to exploit the potential market. With the Indian smartphone business growing 100 percent in 2015, the hotel booking and travel sector have also achieved unprecedented growth of over 170 percent. The Association of Hotel and Restaurant Federation of India believes that the growth of the hotel services industry to successfully satisfy India’s customer by 2020 requires another 1.8 rooms.

In conclusion, due to increased consumer awareness of product quality, differences in buyer attitudes and purchasing rules the composition of e-commerce in India is suspected to be tremendous by 2020. Increasing the speed of high-speed Internet users are urging businesses to innovate and offer a diverse collection of goods and Internet services. Over the past few years, with the marked development of payment production in the e-commerce market, consumers are increasingly turning to online shopping and destroying their perception that the online market is dangerous. Consumer electronics, online travel and clothing, accessories – this is a market segment that reflects growth. With the advantage of sending on the same day, online supermarket stores are also part of the country’s online space.


Customer relationship management is a trend that needs to be seen in the coming years


Before delving into the details of CRM trends that need to be seen in the coming years, I would like to share a little information about what CRM is.


If you’ve been wondering what CRM is and what exactly it does, then come with me. I will explain what CRM is.

Customer Relationship Management is a business strategy that focuses on meeting your customer’s needs. It does this by using advanced technology to organize automation and integrate marketing sales and customer service components of your business. CRM systems are primarily designed and developed to collect customer information through multiple channels between an organization and consumers, which may include a website, phone, direct mail, chat, marketing materials, and social networks. it can also provide you with staff details described about the user’s personal information, purchase benefits, purchase history and issues, etc.

So it was a small introduction to CRM. Now let’s move on to future customer relationship management trends.


• Integrate data from multiple channels

• Big data processing

• Transition to cloud-based CRM

• Social CRM

• Mobile CRM

• CRM software with variables

• Create a better customer experience

• Problems facing CRM

• Customer focus

• Slow return and lack of consistency


Mobile CRM:

The popularity of mobile CRM is expected to increase significantly. Example: –

• INDOCIN BANK introduced fingerprint banking, where customers can perform transactions using fingerprints and without passwords

• DBS Bank has launched a mobile bank that is completely paperless and branchless allowing customers to open accounts using a different biometric authentication card from the various companies with which it enters into agreements.

Integration with social media

Currently, most companies are present on social networks, but almost not enough. it is extremely important to assess the impact of social media on business. Example: –

• MERCEDES-BENZ in India became the first brand in the country to use the Twitter company twitcam with the hashtag “tweet”. They offered users the opportunity to get a visual tour and a personalized picture of the Mercedes-Benz Pavillion live from Auto Expo 2016. Whenever they tweeted using hashtags, tweet by clicking, and “better keep winning”.

• AUDI INDIA used a flock of Twitter to unlock cards, and brands can reveal a video about a new product or commercial after unlocking the card, a tweet is sent to anyone who participated in exclusive content without Kohli representing the brand on Twitter, a tweet from Audi’s official pen unlocking the fastest mobile retweeted more than 600 times

Cloud deployment

According to experts, in the future, software as a service or SAS is expected to dominate. Example: –

• ZENOTI officially manages myspa offering gravy-based solutions for spas and health resorts. The solution is designed to manage all operational aspects of the spa and salon business, such as online booking, meeting management, POS CRM personnel management, inventory control, embedded marketing and analytics, etc. Using the SAS solution in just a few years enriches salons has grown from twelve to fifty-four salons.

Increasing demand for personalized CRM

Every business has unique software requirements, given its unique nature in the face of intense competition and the large number of options for customers, an increasing number of companies are using personalized CRM.

The solution is generally for customer management and prospects

CRM is no longer used only for sales and support. It has now become a platform for the entire marketing process, starting from the search marketing cycle as well as calculating return on investment for marketing companies.


New devices could become the next big thing in CRM. Integrating wearable computing devices with CRM systems allows organizations to access real-time customer data and interact effectively with customers. It also allows businesses to identify cross-cutting and higher sales opportunities at each meeting and improve customer relationships.

CRM vendors work with interchangeable device manufacturers to explore different scenarios when it would be advantageous to use information such as capacity generation and company creation, as well as shortening order cycles. For example: –

• Microsoft Dynamics CRM supports setting up a mobile platform compatible with Google Glass.

• Wearable devices now allow users to shop online directly from their device, for example, PayPal recently announced the launch of a new app that allows users to pay for products using the Samsung gear2 SmartWatch.

• Google Glass has features that allow users to track their eyes to determine which advertisement a customer has seen, how it is implemented. This is a patented paper-based advertising model that takes advantage of this opportunity that can change digital marketing. Example:


In this example, a hotel employee wears Google Glass. The couple is integrated with a hotel hospitality app and customer service system.

• As soon as the customer enters the lobby, the employee receives this information through smart glasses and greets him with his name.

• It identifies details and customer preferences and quickly begins the registration process.

• In addition, it tracks the loyalty points that the customer has and gives him the opportunity to repay or accumulate them.

• It informs the client about the weather and local events happening around that destination.

She also translates this information into his native language using glasses after the guest has checked in, the hotel staff offers food or drinks and other services based on the customer’s choice, the benefits of smart glasses have been listed below:

• Effective communication with the customer and ensuring his benefits

• Creating uninterrupted hospitality for the customer

• providing a large amount of information relevant to the customer to better navigate the hotel’s marketing efforts

CONCLUSION: CRM in the future

So, these were CRM trends that can be seen in the coming years by examples. According to the above details, it is clear that the marketing and technical aspects of CRM will potentially grow. Organizations seek to harness the power of customer relationships.

Great thanks to the increased interaction between online products and customers thanks to social networking platforms, customer opinions about services and products have become a business driver. Now companies are listening and responding to user views to harness the power of the latest technology to keep waiting and delivering what customers want. Follow the news to get more news!


Hotels in Kenya – Nairobi – luxury hotels in Nairobi


Hotel Fairview

The Fairview Hotel, built in 1946, is located on a Nairobi hill next to the Israeli Embassy in a high-security area and has a total of 100 bedrooms consisting of standard, superior and deluxe rooms. All rooms are equipped with shower and bath, telephone, TV, safe and are equipped with an advanced electronic key-card system. In addition, all rooms use a backup infrastructure for water storage and a generator. There are also business and conference centers, a swimming pool and a health club within the hotel.

Holiday Inn

2 floors for a total of 171 rooms. Rooms are accessible for the disabled, offering the necessary amenities. Separate sections of non-smoking rooms and 16-hour room service for all hotel residents.

Hotel Jacaranda

This is a comfortable well-equipped garden hotel, formerly called the Landmark Hotel in the heart of Westland, a five-minute drive from the city center. All rooms are equipped with a central ceiling fan and a TV. In addition, each room has a proper work area with a table, chair and electrical outlet for a laptop. The extensive business center is equipped with a PC, laser printer, copier, fax, email and telephone.

Oakwood Hotel

Oakwood Hotel is located in the heart of Nairobi. It is located on Kimati Street opposite the Stanley Hotel and 100 meters from the Hilton.Oakwood Hotel is a small three-star property with 24 rooms. Its name comes from the traditional wood trim that the hotel decorated. This is the perfect property for guests who want to be in downtown Nairobi. All rooms are self-contained and equipped with telephone, TV and private video. The hotel has a bar and a à la carte restaurant.

Six eighty hotels

Located in the heart of Nairobi, the hotel is ideal for business and leisure. The 340 bedrooms have bathrooms, TV, telephone and music. The type of rooms varies from standard to suites and suites, with the 10th floor intended for non-smokers.

Other services include a business center, laundry, babysitting, parking and safes. Room service is also available within 24 hours.

Nairobi Safari Club

The club is a hotel in the city center. All suites are equipped with satellite TV, air conditioning, digital safe, international direct dial telephone and minibar. 24-hour room service is also available.


Norway between reality and thought


I wake up one morning on a phone call, I have a phone to talk to, and it was an amazing number, but as soon as I recognized the voice, I was really so glad to hear it, because it was the voice of my best Norwegian friend Mr., Lief, he’s older than me but he’s such a nice and funny guy that i liked so much we worked together in germany for two years in such a famous restaurant in berlin, i worked as a food and beverage manager, he worked there as a chef, he came home and found a job in a big hotel in Oslo because I was at the end of my contract in Germany, I intended not to renew it anymore because I was not completely satisfied with the salary

So during the last call with Mr. Lief I had to look for a job in Norway, he promised to do it.

After a while and that day he called me back to tell me about the job placement, and asked to come to Norway for an interview as soon as possible. of course it was great news to get such a job, especially I had never been to Norway before. I also enjoy moving to new countries and getting new jobs for adventurers, I thanked him a lot for his kindness.

I talked to my family about this new job, they agreed to move with me there and really it was so good so we started packing, looking for air tickets and because I am European, I can move with my family quickly and easily to all European countries.

Do you know I started my trip to Norway and went there, also got a job, but at first I lived with a question that confused me before we heard about Norway, a normal person’s income is so high and it’s such an expensive country and I was so curious so that I could see and know how those Norwegians live at such a high standard of living, asked me if Norwegians live at this high level because they live in their own country and it is a rich country, but what about the people who live there how do they live?

I wanted to find an answer to this question so that at work I mingled with foreigners and asked how they live in Norway? It was a big surprise !! when I realized from them that life is so easy and not expensive at all.

In reality, I found in Norway, all people can live without a big budget, not as I imagined before, living there is not expensive at all!


# Not expensive on food and food.

In Norway, they live about 1 million foreigners, and the salaries of such people are different, so everyone’s budget is also different, so when you go to the Supermarket to buy food, you see that different products are expensive and others are cheap, there they have two company, one of them is called FIRST PRICE. They sell all products so cheap, from bread to meat, sell at low prices, for example, the price of bread is about 40.00 KOR, it’s about 4.00 dollars, bread can be found those companies with 7.00 KOR less than 1 dollar, and they do same with all products.

By the way, KORON is the name of the local currency in Norway and is about 10.00 KOR, which is exactly $ 1.00.

Also, if you want to buy a hamburger at McDonald’s as a fast food, it costs less than $ 1.

# Not expensive to buy clothes and shoes.

In Norway in the public places of every city you have to find a mall and a mall, and here are many clothing and footwear stores, and there you can find everything in such high quality with brands and at low prices, from time to time you can go for a walk there and find great discounts everywhere so you can buy three pieces of any type of clothing such as pants or t-shirts, buy three and pay for just two pieces, and get a third for free. such discounts all year round in winter, summer and in all cities of Norway.

# Inexpensive to get people transportation.

In Norway, the usual ticket price for bus, metro and tram is 50.00 KOR, which is about $ 5.00 for one ticket

and there, if you bought a ticket on the bus, you can also take advantage of it when you get to the subway or tram, but you have a limited time of about 30 minutes, you can take advantage of it in 30 minutes, it will end.

From time to time you can get many discounts on such tickets and cheap offers, for example, in summer you can buy a card bus for the whole summer at such a cheap price, and the summer term is about 3 months, also bus drivers can give you cheap offers when you buy ticket, they can offer a weekly ticket so cheap that you can buy and use it throughout the week, of course you will save your money.

By the way, I tell you here about the price of the bus in each city, only you can pay 50.00 crowns for a ticket, and from time to time they have offers for passengers, as I mentioned earlier. But if you wanted to move to another city, maybe you will go there by train or bus, it has other fixed prices, not cheap and without discounts, for example, if you want to travel from Oslo to Sandfjord by train or bus , it has the same ticket costs cost about 300 KOR.

My advice: don’t think of taking a taxi there because it’s really that expensive.

Dial only on public transport, it is cheaper than a taxi, and there are always offers and discounts.

If you wanted to have a car there, amm, buy a car in Norway is also not cheap, if you wanted to buy a used car before 2005, it will be cheap, after that it will be more expensive depending on the condition of the cars.

Anyway, if there is no need to buy a car in Norway, this is a big mistake, why?

1- They have a lot of taxes plus car insurance that you have to pay annually and this system is all over Europe, not just in Norway.

In their roads there are not free, if you drive in every city, you will find in several places gates with cameras to take pictures of the number of your cars. Every time you go to town you have to pay the bills come to your home address after a while but for free when you leave by car but it’s so bad that I didn’t like it and I’ve never seen this system in Germany, Romania, Poland or even Sweden, so if the car is not for you, I mean if you do not use it for your work there or if you live alone without a family, it is better to take public transport, this is me think, just buy and use the car for family or work, because in that case you can cover all the necessary expenses.

3-Maybe you ask me about benzene there, so it is expensive, but I think the prices of benzene around the world are high, so this reason does not matter in order to get or not get a car in Norway.

By the way, in Norway you can get the cheapest benzene prices only on Sundays to go to any benzene station to buy at a lower price.

4-Note that car repairs out there also cost a lot for spare parts, so be prepared and think about it before you get an Acar.

# Not expensive if you rent an apartment or house.

In Norway, if you want to rent an apartment, the price of an ordinary apartment is not so high, and it does not make much difference in price from the city to another price in Oslo. As in another city, so the cost is about $ 750 per month + electricity and water, by the way, you must make a deposit for one month, and maybe more, according to your agreement with the owner of the apartment, all apartments in them live in style luxury. large apartments, busy with everything you need, get only the key to the apartment, go buy groceries, put in the fridge or kitchen, turn on the TV or go to bed.

But maybe if you look at the $ 750 price tag, you’ll say oh! it’s so much, there people from Eastern Europe go to work, they go in groups of 3 to 4 people to rent an apartment and live together so they share the monthly rent among themselves and then live in a chic style apartment with such a cheap price.

Some people may read this article and say that only I have written about life in Norway, but for them they will only travel as tourists, so does this article say anything useful to them?

YES, because we have a few relevant points that we have already talked about, such as food, fabrics, transportation, taxis, and this information can also help the tourist.

Only the tourist he will not go to live in an apartment or house, because the rental system in Norway does not allow to rent an apartment for one week or towing, and if he finds that it will cost so much money for this period, the rental system exists annually. can sometimes negotiate for 5 years, so I think a tourist he will never go to live in an apartment, and probably he will pre-book a hotel before the trip.

About hotel prices in Norway is a bit more expensive, but I think that if a tourist decides to go to Norway for a sightseeing tour, he will be able to find a suitable hotel to book, find out about prices online and choose the best for your budget.

The author of this article has lived and worked in Norway for more than 3 years, learned Norwegian, spoke and wrote it fluently, moved to work in many cities in hotel branches throughout Norway, in Oslo, Tonsberg and Sandfjord. In a family setting, he had to temporarily finish work and return home.

By the way, he liked Norway so much, and will soon return to work and live.


Simple tips to help you choose a hotel in Thailand


Since Thailand is a huge country, you may find it difficult to find a better hotel. In terms of value for money, Thailand offers some of the best places to stay in Asia. In addition, the star system is a bit vague, which further complicates the choice. So you can follow the recommendations below to make the best choice.

1. Consider the purpose of your tour

First of all, you should think about why you are going to spend your vacation in Thailand. For example, you may spend a few days out of work or a normal life. Some people go out to celebrate wedding anniversaries. And then there are people who go on business trips.

So, given your destination, you can choose the right hotel. For example, if you want to go on a business trip, it is best to choose a hotel that provides a certain level of privacy so that you can discuss business issues in a peaceful and safe environment.

2. Set your expectations

As for hotel ratings, you can find a formal criterion in Thailand. However, you can still find 5-star, 4-star and 4.5-star hotels. If you are going there with a business tour, we suggest choosing a 5-star hotel. These hotels are the most comfortable and offer all the amenities you can expect in your home. They offer fresh breakfast, free Wi-Fi, ample parking and complete privacy. They also offer swimming pools and gyms.

3. Set your budget

To make a budget, we suggest you consider a couple of important factors such as travel season, popular areas and location. When you consider these factors, it will be much easier for you to determine your budget. These factors will have a significant impact on your budget.

For example, if you book a hotel at any time between September and March, you may have to pay great money as it is a hot time of year. So if you’re choosing a 5-star hotel, you may have to pay up to $ 150 or more per night.

4. Consider only the necessary objects

Although some facilities are quite attractive, we suggest making a choice based on some mandatory factors. For example, if you have children, it is better to choose a hotel that offers a hotel complex. Similarly, if you are with your partner, you can choose one that offers a private pool.

In short, we suggest you consider these simple tips when booking your hotel in Thailand during your trip. Hope this helps.


How multilingualism has changed my life


“No finish line”

No matter how cheesy it sounds, it’s true; especially when it comes to the topic of learning. I’m talking about the flaws in everyone’s life; I’m certainly talking about languages. Learning a new language just doesn’t get recognition for their importance. Meanwhile, trigonometry, Shakespearean poems of the 19th century and the formula of physics that you once wrote, allow you to save a place on the bus in your world. They are important, but for me learning a language is the basis – the starting point for everything.

I was talking to my father and he told me about his friend about whom he said “can speak 7 different languages”. Meanwhile, I struggle with 3, or 2 and a half when counting my basic German skills. I asked how anyone could do it and he told me that once you learn your 3rd language, the rest will be easy. Skeptical, but it pumped me up. I had to study German because I had a compulsory internship program there. I would say that I took root in the race, but I had the opposite. Rather, it was like I started far behind the rest of the sprinters and had a cinder block on my feet. There was no autopilot and shortcuts.

My first language was Indonesian, and at university almost everyone (except me) spoke a third language. I was awesome, and although I wasn’t alone, I knew I needed to do better. Without questions or complaints, for me just learn and keep trying. So I bought every German book, DVD / TV show and everything I came across was German. Keep in mind that I was attending German lessons at the same time. I started listening to all German music, watching the Bundesliga and so on. I tried to speak German at every opportunity.

In my school, those who lagged behind in their knowledge of the German language had to really gain some weight. I did tutoring as well as weekly classes at the university. The lessons were especially cool and fun and we learned a lot. I especially enjoyed most of the lessons since I was with others and it was an effective way to learn. Of course, I also spoke German around the house and also spoke it when playing online games.

While I was in Germany, I was fearless. I walked the back streets of Hamburg where tourists / foreigners do not go. I was not afraid to find my own way, find transport and start my own business, despite the fact that I speak a completely different culture and language. I went down to the small village of Soest, where everyone spoke German. I didn’t have any worries to ask how much, where to find the toilet and where my hotel was.

I got a call from the hotel and was asked about my booking and she spoke German. I muttered and stuttered and asked if she spoke English? Of course not, I spoke to her, in German, to the best of my ability (at first I clarified that I did not speak) and made this damn reservation. I talked to people and I was able to experience the best of Germany with maximum potential. I felt the tremendous warmth of German culture that I had idolized since university.

No, but my multilingual abilities have not stopped at the border with Germany. It wasn’t even the tip of the iceberg. I opened my letter and received 4 different interview requests in Germany (I was there as part of my internship program): “We are looking for a native English speaker …” Add to that that I also knew the business well in Indonesian, so it all led to the best feelings in my life. During the interview, they asked me how good my German was, and honestly, I told them that I speak German well enough for everyday life. All in all, it was a rare time when being in crazy food was good, assuming you were food and sharks were company.

The feeling of learning English and German strengthened my strength, it was like insight. I didn’t do these things because I was bored. I did it because I wanted to be worth something. As a result of the fact that I was boundless and not limited to one language, I had the best educational, social and cultural experience in my youth.


General recommendations and rules of car rental for discounted car rental


Have you ever dreamed of renting a sports SUV just to go on an off-road adventure? Or do you just need a reliable car during your next trip? Whatever type of vehicle you need, car rental rates are among the lowest in the industry. The company manages more than a thousand locations in dozens of countries. It is one of the most famous car rental brands in the industry and caters to both business travelers and vacationers.

Some examples of vehicles you can rent include:

• Lincoln

• Dodge

• Chevrolet

• Jeep

• Chrysler

• Hyundai

• Ford

When booking you will be able to choose from literally thousands of cities around the world, including airports. Economical car rental points are available at all major airports as well as at many smaller airports.

Like most car rental companies, you will need at least 21 years to rent a car in most US locations. However, there are several areas in which people over the age of 18 can rent. Landlords under 25 are paid extra daily. If you are heading to an international destination, the rental age will depend on the laws of that country.

With any car rental Thrifty offers some additional options such as child seats (for babies and toddlers), DVD players, ski racks, navigation systems, manual controls, etc. .

Rate calculations for the Thrifty rental car

The rate is calculated based on the daily rental day, which starts from the hour when you take the car. The base rate includes the total cost of rent, excluding fees, taxes, mileage (if applicable), surcharges, optional goods and mandatory coverage.

Keep in mind that you can bring baby seats and a GPS navigation system. Some new vehicles, such as the Chrysler minivan, already have built-in child seats.

Not going to go back and forth? Thrifty offers one-way rental offers in many locations. Arrange in advance the place of removal and disembarkation.

If you are going to drive in an area with a lot of fees, you may want to consider PlatePass. This additional service provides all tolls in advance in electronic form, allowing you unlimited unlimited access to toll roads, including expressways.

Sometimes you can find better car rental deals if you go through a third-party travel discount site rather than directly through a company.

The best place to get discounts on car rental Thrifty – Online. Some companies work hard to provide the lowest rental rates for cars and hotels in locations around the world. You may get an even bigger deal using online promo codes.


Elegant hotels in Nigeria


Nigerians are very warm and kind. They are also proud of their country, filled with many animals left in their natural habitats. In their many attractions and parks you will find over 600 different species of birds.

The country has a very large population – only 140 million. It ranks high on the world list. Although it is inhabited, it is promising and in fact included in the list of the next eleven economies. Nigeria is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. The International Monetary Fund predicts that it will become one of the most prosperous states of the next century.

The country may well become one of the largest economic powers. This shows many opportunities for improving and growing their economy. They have a growing number of investors. Soon Nigeria will be able to raise its education system, eliminate corruption in politics and thus improve its economy. It is very open to world bidding.

Its rapid growth in recent years may be due to the fact that many companies and enterprises are setting up institutions in their cities. They strive to be on par with other countries, also exhibiting their own attractions. They have recently built mosques, five-star hotels and many other resorts.

The Kakanfo Inn hotel in Ibadan is probably the most popular. It is visible near Murtal Mohammed Airport and almost next to Ibadan Airport. Visit them on Nihinlola Street in Ibadan.

It immediately offers warmth and comfort after a long day of travel. There are only attractive and glamorous rooms. All the furniture is from leading brands and very stylish. The beautiful spectacle could instantly lighten and relax.

They have 12 suites and 70 spacious and well-equipped rooms. All rooms have a private balcony overlooking the beautiful city. The duvet is very soothing. The beds are covered with linen mattresses. You also have pillows, a safe, a refrigerator, cable TV, telephones and an internet connection.

Facilities include an indoor pool, a gym, a spa and massage parlor, a bar serving cocktails, and a lounge. Inside are many dining rooms serving a variety of cuisines such as Indian, American and Nigerian indigenous.

They also provide meeting rooms and banquets. They are all fully air conditioned for all kinds of events and meetings. Staff are ready to assist at all stages of planning to ensure a successful gathering or meeting.

Abuja Sheraton Hotel & Towers

This is another famous hotel found in the heart of the city. It can be seen near the International Conference Center. It is also in close proximity to many government offices and Nnamdi Aizkiwa International Airport.

They have 540 rooms, including executive suites. 235 of them were recently renovated. The interior and furniture have been modeled in conventional designs for a modern look. He also appeals to different nationalities.

Despite the international appeal, the rooms have a unique design and look of mahogany and parquet floors. They also use local crafts to promote their culture. They provide the convenience of cable TV, telephones, internet connection. If necessary, you can request a data port.

You have several food options inside. There is an Elephant Bar and a Papillon Restaurant. Grilled Obudu serves healthy and delicious grilled dishes. In the lobby you will find a restaurant. Luigi’s offers full meals from breakfast to dinner. They have steaks, buffets and alcoholic beverages.

Other hotel amenities include air conditioning, radio / alarm clock, coffee maker, baby cots, smoking room, VCR or player, refrigerator, minibar and rollaway beds.

Hotel facilities include an outdoor pool, gym, beauty salon and spa, car rental services, concierge and 24-hour room service.